Our Favorite Stack – MEAN: MongoDB, Express, Angular.js and Node.js

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So it has been a while since I wrote here. Wanted to share our recommendations from the last 2 years and most important: our web stack. So we’re now deep in Node.js. No more compilations, deployments, complex build scripts and long server restarts. Give us speed and flexibility,

JS is future and came a long way since first introduced that “crazy” idea to write JavaScript on the server side. What do we like about Node? Async is great and solves lots of problems. No more locking and threading issues and it forces the developer to be efficient (asnyched) and not spend presses threads and waiting for I/O as you would do in Java.
The dynamic programming is great. Of course JSON is naturally serialized with zero effort, and most important: you can share code with the client. This also makes it easier on the entire development process having one language for all.

Next posts will focus on issues and ideas around node, angular and MongoDB.

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