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At the age of 10 years old my father brought my first PC home. It was an Apple 2 with a CRT, one color screen. I learned programming on that machine writing simple Basic programs. At high school I stared seriously programming first in Pascal and later on in C and C++. When I was 16 I developed my first professional program. It was a managing application for a small trucking company that took care of business tasks like: orders, invoices, customers, etc. It was written in C using the Microsoft WIN16 API and ran on a Windows 3.11 OS. The code was compiled with a Borland C++ compiler for Windows on a 486 PC. But it worked and worked well and at the time was a very modern piece of software providing a friendly Windows GUI and simplicity.

A few years later I started working at a small startup company called TopTier. A month later the company was acquired by SAP for 400 million dollars and I continued working at SAP Labs for over 4 years. When I left SAP I started my own business offering companies programming services under the name of Shefer Systems (that’s how this domain name started). I developed for different organizations: started from large Israeli enterprises such as: Israel Oil Refineries, Paz and through hi-tech and startup companies like GigaSpaces and InterBit. Later on I founded the Java & NetWeaver group and the IT company Danshir systems, an SAP partner and managed the group for over a year. We developed interesting projects for organizations like: Netafim, Haifa University, Motorola and others. After that I worked as a principal software engineer at Informatica developing Enterprise Application Integration software in Java. Today I work as a senior consultant at NESS, the largest IT company in Israel and I provide mostly SAP Portal and NetWeaver (Java) services for large enterprises: banks, insurance companies, government, etc.

Over the years I took part in different initiatives and startup companies as a consultant, architect and developer and I’m always looking for new adventures.

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